JMTechnology Inc.




Business Domain: Technology Solution Service

FAs a technology solution company, we provide state-of-art technology solutions through semiconductor technology services, IT software development, IT hardware design and IT infrastructure architecture.
IT Infrastructure Services
In response to growing significance of company's information systems, we provide IT infrastructure services for a secure system platform.
Today, cloud computing is evolving rapidly, and the needs of customers in IT technology become more sophisticated and diversified. By accommodating unique needs and circumstances of the customer in determining optimal system configurations, we offer a total solution from designing to development to maintenance. Also, by incorporating OSS (Open Source Software), an essential tool in development of infrastructure environment for office or Internet server, with virtualization software products such as VMware or architecture know-how obtained from various past experiences, we not only consolidated/integrate the server storage (thereby reducing TOC) but also provide reasonable, high-performance infrastructure.
System Development
As your strategic partner, we provide high-value added solutions in the following ways:
development of enterprise resource planning applications for sectors including financial, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and services as well as for public projects;
development of web systems using OSS and programming languages such as Java, PHP, Perl and Ruby;
and development of business applications using Microsoft platforms such as VB.NET or Visual C#.NET.
Semiconductor Engineering Services
We provide engineering services with a focus on semiconductor preprocessing devices. As an example of our customer services, we work with Applied Materials Inc., an industry leader, to help launch their equipment, respond to problems and provide repairs and maintenance anywhere in the nation. Moreover, we provide telephone-based support services called "TSEC" as part of joint operation with Applied Materials Inc. As a company certified by Applied Materials Inc., our sales engineering division works directly with Applied Materials Inc. customers in the provision of component sales/repairs of their equipment, including an ion implantation system for 200-mm wafers, while providing other services.
FA Solution Services
Utilizing our know-how and skills obtained from numerous past experiences in system development, we create application software that accommodates our customer's needs as part of our engineering services. Through development and sales of "J+Bridge," our own brand application (compatible with next generation OS) which provides a comprehensive solution for customer's aging FA system, we enjoy receiving positive feedback from the customer. We also set up a
support desk for troubleshooting software designed for 200-mm wafers as part of joint operation with Applied Materials Inc.